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Gameday: Oct. 5, 2018 (v PC North) HOCO

Gameday Itinerary: Union H.S. Varsity Football vs. PC North (Homecoming)

3:45pm  RR Rehearsal in Tuttle Stadium (winds/percussion wear black Union Bands member shirt + BLACK shorts) 
5:00pm  Meal served for all members (MENU: Raising Canes chicken strips, fries, Texas toast, fruit, cupcakes)
5:45pm  Renegade Regiment only dress into uniform
6:38pm  RR Pre-Game performance
7:00pm  KickOff
1st and 2nd Quarter Undress in waves by section, Front Ensemble load equipment
Halftime  Homecoming activites
Post-Game  Dress out of uniform, stow equipment, clean band rooms

Gameday Attire 
All members: Juguzzi, prefilled with ice and water
Winds/Percussion: Black uniform shoes, long black socks, black slider compression shorts, black Union Bands member shirt. Black member shorts for rehearsal
Guard: per Mrs. Arenas. 

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