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Sixth Grade Band

The Union Sixth Grade Band classes are designed to provide daily beginner-level instruction, as well as performance opportunities during the school year. 

Recommended Instrument List for Beginning Band Students
Three Things Parents Must Tell Their Children When Beginning A Musical Instrument
Private Lessons
Local Music Retailers
Monday, December 10, 2018
Union 6th/7th Grade Center Fine Arts wing and Cafetorium
6:30 pm

Thursday, April 25, 2019
Union High School Performing Arts Center (UPAC)
Red Band: Arrival 6pm, Performance 6:30pm
Silver Band: Arrival 7pm, Performance 7:30pm
Teacher Contact Information
Ms. French / Flute / french.mary@unionps.org / bio (6th Grade Coordinator)
Mr. Pritner / Trumpet, Trombone / pritner.trey@unionps.org / bio
Mr. Bruce / Percussion / bruce.adam@unionps.org / bio
Mr. Cole / Trombone / cole.daniel@unionps.org / bio 
Mr. Gomez / Trumpet /  gomez.adrian@unionps.org / bio
Mrs. Lollis / Clarinet / lollis.mary@unionps.org / bio
Mr. Mayes / Clarinet / mayes.amy@unionps.org / bio
Sign up for 6th Grade Band Remind Texts by texting @uband6 to 81010
Sign up for 6th Grade Band - Percussionists Remind Texts by texting @uperc-6th to 81010

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