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Meet the Officers

2019-2020 Union Band Parents Club Board of Directors

Marjorie Hall

Vice President/CFO
Pam Riddle

Chief Operating Officer
Jeana Kelly

Concession Directors
Dava Jackson
April Hollingsworth
Kenneth Ward

Disbursement Treasurer
Sharon Fuller

Student Account Treasurers
Venitta Barrows
Tricia O'Brien

Middle School Treasurer
Becky Cotney

Kim Tonquest

Fundraising Treasurer
Kim Crenshaw

Fundraising Director
Tanya Byrd

Feed the Band Coordinators
Shannon Ritter
Debra Searcy
Sherry Smith

Offsite Work Coordinators
Jamie Weatherford

Drillers Coordinators
Jerry Sneed
Jason Myers

Information/Communication Directors
Brian Barrows
James Hollingsworth

Uniform Directors
Molly Myers
Jill Flint

Merchandise Directors
Shannan McClain

Hospitality Director
Erica Burnett

Corporate Relations
Jerry Cliff

Guard Logistics Director
Angela Davis

Property Manager
Jason Myers

Property Manager - Guard
David Smith

Property Transportation Manager
Stephanie King

Special Events
Angela Davis
Thena Knight

Director of Bands
(ex-officio member)

Charles Pisarra


Section Parent Coordinator

Alumni Coordinator

Local Bus Admiral

Benevolence Chair
Stacey Sole

Chris Hall
Kaci Carpenter

First Aid Team
LeiAnne Richards 918-688-8497
Shannon Carpenter 918-892-8960
Kim Fisher 918-230-6542

Interested in serving on the UBPC Board in the future?  Let us know

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