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RR at Renegade Review

Though not an actual competitive performance, the Renegade Regiment students are heavily involved with hosting and perform at Union's own Renegade Review on Saturday, October 12, 2019. 

Volunteer report times throughout the day vary; check in for your shift at the atrium.

When on campus all students should be wearing the Big-U/RR shirt, 2019 show shirt, or the Renegade Review event t-shirt.

Rehearsal attire for winds/percussion: red member shorts + black Big U/RR member shirt
Performance attire for winds/percussion: BLACK sliders, BLACK marching shoes, long BLACK socks, Big U/RR member shirt 

4:00pm Report to UHS band area. Get equipment for rehearsal. 
4:15pm all students gather in the same section & seated together in rows to watch Owasso's performance (back/visitor side of Tuttle)
approx 5:00pm Prelims awards conclude. Stadium clears. Set up for rehearsal. 
approx 6:00-6:15pm Rehearsal concludes. Stow all equipment in UHS band area. 
Please note that a dinner meal is NOT served tonight.
8:15pm Dress into uniform (in UHS band areas). Section hypes. 
9:00pm Walk to Warmup
10:00pm Gate
10:15pm 2018 Renegade Review RR Exhibition Performance!
10:30pm Dress out of Uniform! (except seniors). Stow equipment. 
10:45pm Seniors assist with awards presentation
11:00pm "All hands on deck" for post-event campus clean-up (See section assignments below).
11:30pm Cleaning should be complete. Go home. 

Cleaning assignments
Homeside Bleachers = Euph / Bari / Tuba
Field and entire field level = Pit
Visitor Bleachers+Breezeway = Snares & Tenors
North Bleachers+Breezeway = Flub
Track Field + UMAC Redskin room if needed = Bass Drums
Home Bleachers+Breezeway+Sidewalks = Guard
South Parking Lots (through to UMAC lots) = Flute / Clar / B.Clar / Sax
North Parking Lots+Oval+Band Room Exterior+Stadium Perimeter = Mello &Trumpets
Inside Band Rooms+Band Hallways+Atrium = DMs

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