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The Reed Club
Imagine never having to scramble for reeds again! The Reed Club is a student reed subscription plan, here's how it works!
1. Go to and sign up.
2. Choose from Vandoren or protege reeds for clarinet, alto saxophone, or tenor saxophone.
3. Choose from strengths or 2.5, 3, and 3.5.
4. Decide how frequently you wish to receive the shipment (every four weeks, six weeks, two months, etc.).
5. Reeds are delivered to your door for as little as $6 per shipment of four reeds. 

Desert Rose Reeds
Desert Rose Reeds offers professional bassson reeds - the same reeds Dr. Richard Ramey of the Tylsa Symphony - uses in his profession for $22 each. Desert Rose Reeds also offer a large supply of reedmaking supplies, bassoon accessories, and valuable information booklets to improve technique. Check out Dr. Ramey's website here.

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