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NBDA 10-11-12th Gr Auditions

10th11th, & 12th Graders in the Union HS Band are eligible and encouraged to audition for the NBDA All-District Honor Band.  We are proud to represent well in this annual process. 
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Audition Schedule and Location
Saturday, November 9, 2019  
Broken Arrow High School
• 8:30am
 sign-in at instrument auditions rooms to see your posted approximate audition time and sequence.
• Auditions cuts will be posted at each audition room at approximately 8:00am.
• The first audition begins at 9:00am.
• Auditionees should monitor the pace of the audition room throughout the day, as no-shows may lead to audition times being moved up.
• Transportation is on your own. Parking is on the south side of the building.
• Warm-up is located in the Cafeteria (Building B) and in the Visual Performing Arts Center.
• Consider bringing a few dollars for refreshments.  Concessions will be avialable for purchase in the Cafeteria.
• No students nor auditions personnel are allowed on the second floor of the building.
• Results will be posted in the main lobby of the campus on the trophy cases outside the Media Center.
•  Download campus maps

Audition Rooms
• Piccolo / flute – B104
• Double Reeds / Bass Clarinet – B108
• Eb/Bb Clarinet – B110
• Saxophone – B118
• Trumpet – B160
• Horn – B162
• Trombone – B166
• Euphonium – VAP118
Euphonium & Tuba – VPA 148
• Keyboard Percussion – VPA 138
• Timpani – VPA 128
• Snare Drum – VPA 140

Audition Music
• List of Etudes download
• Scales (do NOT have to be memorized). More info at NBDA website.
• Sight-reading as presented during the audition itself.
• See a Band Director for the etudes or the method books as needed, as well as sight reading prep materials.

Audition Preparation Tips
Don't wait until the last minute to practice; you have over six months to prepare, so take your time and prepare thoroughly!  Don't forget to work on all those scales too.  Employ the use of a Private Lesson teacher to help you prepare. Use a metronome! 

Audition Policies
Auditionees must attempt all notes & rhythms for all etudes and sight reading, as well as scales (winds), to receive credit on the audition score, and to be eligible to pass on to OkMEA 2nd-Round, if applicable.   

Other Info
• Subscribe to REMIND code @NbdaHsAud
• It's a blind audition but you just might play better if you dress nicely.
• The duration of time spent onsite at the audition is entirely dependent on when you audition. You could be done by 9:05am, or by 2:00pm. Be flexible.
• Plan for transportation.
• Some instrument rooms may employ a prelims/finals format. 

Honor Band Clinic/Concert
January 10-11, 2020 at Bartlesville HS, for those students who are selected by audition to perform in the NBDA All-District Honor Band. Please note that all students who make the honor band will participate in this clinic; each participating student's CHARMS account will be billed $10 for the Friday evening dinner meal. Selected students are excpected to fully prepare the clinic repertoire prior to the clinic rehearsals. Subscribe to REMIND code @UnionNBDA

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