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Directions / Parking

You may want to MapQuest or Google map for better directions, but note the parking area.
201 N Elgin Ave
Tulsa, OK 74120-1434
1. Start out going NORTH on S 97TH EAST AVE/S MINGO RD toward E 66TH ST S.
2. Turn RIGHT onto E 61ST ST S.
3. Merge onto US-169 N/US-64 W via the ramp on the LEFT toward OWASSO/SAND SPRINGS.
4. Merge onto US-64 W/OK-51 W toward SAND SPRINGS. 7.9 m
5. Take the DETROIT AVE exit toward DOWNTOWN/T.C.C. METRO. 0.3 m
6. Stay STRAIGHT to go onto S DETROIT AVE. 1.1 m
7. Keep straight ON DETROIT pass Brady (you will see Spaghetti Warehouse (left) and can see Stadium (right a few streets over)
8. Continue on Detroit under the highway (244) ramps, make a right
9. Take the next RIGHT (This is Elgin Park - you may park in the large lot for OSU on that corner.)
You will need to walk back under the underpass to the employee (black security) gate, tell them you are a volunteer worker with UNION BAND and have them direct you to the training room and check in.

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