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Appearance / Dress Code

• Solid white, polo-style, collared shirt (no designs, emblems or insignias on shirt). 
•  Khaki shorts (mid-thigh to knee length, no short shorts), pants or capris.  
•  Closed toe shoes (no flip-flops) and a Driller’s ball cap. 
•  If you do not have a Driller's ball cap, you may purchase a hat for a one-time $5 fee, withheld from your first night’s pay. 
• The hat will then be yours to wear at all other times you work Drillers/Roughnecks. 
• Tattoos cannot be visible.  
•  No visible body piercings, and earrings (studs only); can be worn in the ears of women only.  Jewelry must be kept to a minimum.  
•  Men must be clean-shaven, mustaches are permitted.  
•  Blue aprons provided for Driller’s games and orange aprons provided for Roughneck games.

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