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All band students from 6th grade – High School are welcome to participate in the fundraisers found on the main page.  Proceeds from these fundraisers are placed into your student account and can roll over from year to year, following you on your long and prosperous band career at Union High School’s Renegade Regiment.

The following fundraisers are director-led and are specific only to the band students in each respective grade.  These fundraisers provide an opportunity for these students to raise funds towards a specific goal or trip, but as with all fundraisers, they money is placed into your student account and will stay with you as long as you are active in the program!  You can never fundraise TOO much!

Please contact your student’s band director with any questions about these fundraisers.  

8th Grade Fundraisers

7th Grade Fundraisers

6th Grade Fundraisers

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