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Bowers-Malarkey, Michele
Colorguard, Winterguard, Clarinet

How great to find this site! I moved to Springfield, MO right after graduation and attended SMSU and Drury University. I married my college sweetheart in January 1991 and we just had our first baby, Mason Christopher, in January 2003. I have been in the mortgage business for 12 years and have done it all in that time, am currently a mortgage underwriter. Would love to hear from everyone when you have a chance!

Last updated: 02/04

Glocker, Caty
Colorguard, Winterguard, Clarinet

It's been great fun to find this site and read about so many friends' accomplishments over the years. I went to college at American Univeristy in Washington DC, earned an MBA and worked for a decade in international development. I'm now working in the software industry and planning to marry my sweetheart of five years. Still in Washington, but we enjoy coming to Tulsa to visit family and friends.

It is always exciting to hear about the Renegade Regiment's successes. Keep making us proud.

Last updated: 10/03

Hanna, Steven

I graduated from Soutwest Texas State in 1992 and moved back to Tulsa, where I worked for MCI until 1999, when I moved back to Texas. I now work for Harley Davidson Financial Services as an underwriter. I am living in Plano and getting married on June 18th of this year to a great girl named Diane. I would love to here from any former classmates of mine.

Last updated: 05/04

Keefover, Michael O. 

Attended Union from 1985-1987. Band member under the direction of Mr. Dale Barnett. Joined the United States Air Force in 1989. Still currently serving as a full time member of the Arkansas Air National Guard. Served as a member of the Little Rock Air Force Base Honor Guard as a solo bugler. Earned multiple awards for performing the highest number of details in a term. Deployed during operations Desert Shield / Storm, Iraqi Freedom, Afghanistan. Married to Michelle M. Ferris - Keefover who is also a 1987 graduate, and band member from Union.

Last updated: 08/15

Kinnius - Matthews, Kerry
colorguard, winterguard, flute

I never have a reason to visit Tulsa anymore...since my parents moved back in 1990 and have retired down in southern Florida! But it's great to be able to check in on things through this site. I graduated from Union University in Jackson, Tennessee in 1991 with a BA in Elementary Education. My husband (who I met in college) has a BA in psychology and a MA in marriage and family counseling. (Yes, I married a shrink! †) We have two BEAUTIFUL, SMART kids....Gavin will be in the 7th grade, and Becka will be in the 2nd. We've moved all over the country....Tennessee, Alabama, Texas.... but have settled down in the great little town of Olive Branch, Mississippi. I teach at the local elementary school and help out with the high school guards in the area. I don't keep in touch with many from Union, but do still rely heavily on Wes's wisdom and guidance....even after all of these years.

Last updated: 05/06

Morgan-Biggs, Melissa 
Colorguard and Winterguard

I got married in 1995 to a Navy man. I have moved throughout the East Coast and currently live in Hampton, Virginia. I have a 9yr old son named Eric and a 5 yr old daughter named Ariana. After highschool I attended OU. I have moved around a bit and lived in South Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey and again Virginia. I live less than two miles from the beach and I love it as I love being close to the ocean. To all those that I have lost contact with: Please get in touch with me again.

Last updated: 03/05

Scott-Sweitzer, Jennifer 
Baritone - Marching Band & Wind Sympony, Trumpet - Jazz, Winter Guard "B" 

After graduating attended Oklahoma State University on a music scholarship. In 1990 Due to some unforeseen circumstances switched to an Accounting Degree and in 1992 my fianc} and myself moved to Alabama where my parents were transferred to so we could be with my family. Married in 1992 in Alabama. Graduated with a B.S. in Accounting in Dec. 1993 from Jacksonville State University in Alabama. My husband and I realized our hearts were in Oklahoma and moved back a month later. Jobs were scarce at this time in my field so went to work in the computer field in Stillwater. In 1996 opened my own computer store in Stillwater. In 2000 closed my store due to an offer from Oklahoma State University Physical Plant Department working as a Computer Support Specialist and am currently still working there.

No kids yet just 2 dogs. I have been married to Wayne for over 11 years. I am a member of Oklahoma State University Alumni Band so I get to play a few times throughout the year. I miss the good old Renegade Regiment days and friends.

Last updated: 09/03

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