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Bird, Robert
Tenor Sax

After graduation I moved to Jacksonville Florida and went through about 8 years of managing various restaurants before finally breaking into the Engineering field. I continued taking classes at FJJC slowly whenever I had the time. After some 12 years of engineering experience learning just about everything related to Mechanical Engineering, Plumbing and Fire Protection systems I had an opportunity to partner and eventually own the Consulting Engineering company that I started with back in 1988. My partner and I have owned the company now for 8 years and things are good. I did finally get my AA from FCCJ and am now getting ready to start at UNF to get my Mechanical Engineering degree. I guess that you could say that I backed into my profession. Engineering company first, then the degree.

I still pick up the Sax from time to time and play special music at my church on occassions. My kids love to have their dance parties when I practice.

I went through many relationships over the years until one day, at the young age of 37 finally met the right women, settled down and got married in Jan 2000. We had our first child, a girl in Nov. 2000 followed by G-2002, B-2004, and another G-2006, so with 4 birdies added to the flock we are done.

I spent many of my single years gambling pool and playing tournaments around Florida. I have owned 2 Lotus Esprits (1989 four cylinder turbo, and a 1999 twin turbo V8) for some 13 years that I just sold off. I received my single engine land private pilots license in 1995 followed by a multi-engine rating in 1999. I enjoy Golf, Bowling, and have been extensively involved in the local astronomy club here in Jacksonville ( I have 2 telescopes that I enjoy viewing with, a 12" Meade LX200 and a 10" LX200 and spend many a nights in the dark. I also do just about every home improvement project there is ( to save money!).

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Knight-Parker, Shelia


I am divorced and have 3 children 19, 15, and 11. I currently work at Union Schools in the enrollment center. I stay very busy running after my children. My daughter is a freshman at Broken Arrow and is on the freshman softball and basketball team, and my youngest son plays competative basketball all year long, and also plays baseball.

Last updated: 12/03

Shoemaker-Cook, Rachel
Marching Band- French Horn, Wind Symphony & Jazz Band - T.Sax

Went to SWOSU, Weatherford Ok. and graduated with a BA in Music Performance and a Bachelor Mus Ed and spent two years on my Masters in Applied Music but not quite finished! Taught music, band and colorguard in AZ for ten years before returning to Tulsa. I am now a Firefighter for the City of Tulsa and I am stationed at Fire Station 19 at 56th Str N and Cinncinatti.

Last updated: 08/04

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