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Aichele, Matthew

I am an attorney currently living and working in Washington, DC.

Last updated: 09/09

Althouse, Myrna
Flute, Oboe

hey everyone. wow a lot has happened since i graduated. i attended florida state for a year and then became pregnant with my son Malik who is now 5yrs. i moved to waco, tx for a year to live with my mom while prego and then move back to tulsa when my son was 5 mos. i attended rhema bible training center and graduated 05/04. i now plan on pursuing my degree...finishing basics at TCC and then nursing school. i lead a single mom bible study/support group and work at St Francis Hospital as a clinical secretary in the ICU. oh yeah jennifer and i are still the best of friends. check out my myspace for up-to-date pics and info

Last updated: 05/06

Barton, Nick
Bass Drum

Well well, I see a lot of faces here that bring me back. After high school I have played drums for several local rock bands, to limited success. I currently play for Starving Europa. ( if you're curious.) I work for Scientific Games, the company that builds the lottery machines for Oklahoma's lottery, and spend a lot of time on the road, finding small towns and fixing their machines. I've been with the same girl for over 5 years now, and am very happy. Keep in touch, everybody!


Last updated: 05/06

Beauregard, Trey
Tenor Sax

Graduated in 2003 from University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Music-Composition.

Last updated: 04/05

Bogle-Alison, Melissa

Hey I thought I would write. I was pretty happy when tis page is what helped Barb Crompton find me after we lost touch, so I will say thank you to those who helped. I graduated with a degree in nursing from the Univeristy of Arkansas in May 2003. I then moved back to Tulsa with my now husband Josh. We got married in Jan 2004. I work on the pediatrics floor at St. Francis at night. My husband is in school here. We are just trying to find things to do in Tulsa for fun and not be too homesick for Fayetteville, and Tulsa is growing on both of us. I have seen a few people lately and have enjoyed catching up with everyone. email me sometime!

Last updated: 04/05

Connor, Meghan

Well I guess it's time to update, though there isn't really anything new. I'm still in Optometry school in Tahlequah- 2 years left. I started seeing patients in January, that's kind of exciting...and scary. Tony and I are still dating, 6 years- no wedding plans yet. Everything else is good and non-exciting. Lastly- congrats the the Slide know who you are!

Last updated: 05/05

Collins, Thomas
Tuba, Trombone, Baritione

Well guys, I have attended OSU for the past two years and am currently in my senior year there. I decided to live in tulsa and work at the great Apollo's Karate full time and commute back to stillwater twice a week for my classes. I am living with Big Joe Lambert still for the third year now. This next summer I will be getting married to my girlfriend of almost four years Kristin Bass. I hope everything is going great for all of you and the best of luck to the future members of the Renegade regiment.

Last updated: 11/02

Crompton, Barb
Alto Sax

Well, I stumbled across this website a while ago and enjoyed reading all the bios from '99 and 2000. Since moving after my junior year to Atlanta, GA I have been very busy in school and with my family in general. It was amazing getting to see everyone at Nationals my senior year, but since then I have lost touch with pretty much everyone. I enjoyed getting Andrea's email about Mr. Barnett, so I thought I might as well include an update on the website. Currently, I am living in Tifton, GA and I am completing my Master's research in Biological Engineering at the Coastal Plain experiment station. I graduate from the University of Georgia (GO DAWGS!) in May 2003 and started my Masters the next fall. I plan on graduating with my Masters this August and will be moving to Blacksburg, VA to continue with my PhD in Biological Systems Engineering (Really I do stream research, so I am excited about getting out of the swamps in the south!)

I have been dating the same wonderful guy for the last 4.5 years and he will be moving with me in the fall to Blacksburg. No wedding yet, and our answer has become we want to be "life partners" to anyone who asks, since most of our friends are getting married or starting to have kids (scary!!). I have a wonderful dog, Beamer, which is 1/2 Bernese Mountain Dog, so there is no need for kids right now. Between Sam and Beamer my life is full, happy, and normally very funny.

My family is good, Katie is in Oklahoma City working on her Masters in phorensic science. We enjoyed spring break together last week in Denver with our mom.

Please feel free to email me at I think about all of my friends from Union often and would love to hear from you all. I am also trying to contact Melissa Bogle, so if anyone has her new email since school please send it to me.

Last updated: 03/05

Dressler, Brent
Front Ensemble

I graduated from OSU in Dec 2003 with a BS in Microbiology. I start medical school in August 2004.

Last updated: 09/05

Flor, Pat (Rick)

IHi everyone! It's a pleasure reading about you all and what you're doing. I'm in the Kansas City, KS area, playing the Topeka Symphony (which pays enough for gas to and from, plus dinner sometimes!), getting the occaisional side gig, teaching music lessons and directing bands at a Catholic primary school (K-8). I drive a lot, and am hoping my trusty old pickup will hold up a while longer (a '97 is getting old now, and we are all on our way there ourselves =). I am dating a wonderful woman, who by grace and necessity is wonderfully forgiving. 

Also studying and reading on the side, and still learning how to apply myself with regularity to anything. Slacking through school has serious consequences afterwards. Tell all your younger friends (seriously)! 

Oh, and I got to see RR's very own Megan Walker (now Winslow) and her beau Bill get married recently in Norman. They were beautiful, and the rain held off just long enough. Random, yes; I just got a 'thank you' card from them. 

Take care, everyone, and God bless you. Drop me a line sometime should you so wish (e-mail by clicking on my name). At the sound of the chime, the time will be 3:15 AM. oops. -p 

Last updated: 01/06

Fuller, Brannon

Well its been awhile. I am still with Terra Telecom and going strong. Moving up fast and loving it. My kids are now 3 and 2 (remember there is only 10 months seperating them) I still love off 77th and Yale. My company just moved to 46th and memorial by the post office into a huge building.....loving the space. I am currently enrolling into a IT program and hopefully soon switch to the IT department, but we will see. I hope this finds everyone well and look forward to an email from time to time. 2007 - Long time since last update so here we go. I am now an Alcatel Engineer for Terra Telecom. I install, service and maintain Alcatel business communication systems across the U.S. My wife and I have been married going on 7 years now. Our sons are 4 and 3 with our oldest in pre-school.....I feel old now. My wife is in the medical field and will be attending school this coming spring. Hope this finds everyone well.

Last updated: 09/07

Ivy, Jennifer

Well it's been a long time since i've seen most of ya'll. After graduation i enlisted active duty in the U.S. Navy officer training program in Newport, RI. After that i went to Mesa college at San Diego, CA where i graduated June 2002 with A.S. in Business. I then transferred to Ithaca COllege in Ithaca, NY and am fixin to graduate May 2004 with a B.S. in Medical Management. So i've been coast to coast. I'm looking to relocate to NYC, and yes i still talk to Myrna all the time!

Last updated: 04/04

King-Schroeder, Amy

Well, a lot has happened since my last update. After 2 years of investigating insurance claims, I decided to start using my college education and am now firmly planted in the Accounting world. I started working at the QuikTrip corporate office in April and LOVE it.

Seth & I are doing wonderfully, still living in Owasso and are expecting our first child in April 2008. 4 years of marriage have flown by and we are really excited to meet this baby!

Last updated: 10/07

Kline, Ginger

Well howdy yall! OK so that was dorky, but hey whatever. So much has gone on since I gradguated in 1999. Currently Im working for St Johns Hosptial in the Radiology dept. Job full of stress but hey, pays good. I gradguated from RSU in 2004 FINALLY with a BS in liberal arts. I travel all the time now. Love going on trips. Not married yet no kids so everythigs kinda party party party for me. Gotta live it up while youre still young! Well theres a ton more but frankly I just dont want to type anymore... lazy ... I know. Well people call me sometime! I would love to hear from anyone. 918-902-3675. PEACE!

Last updated: 02/05

Kwok, Thalia

So I was looking for some a directory of teachers for Union so that I can ask one of them to enroll in this correspondence program with me while I'm away... and I stumbled across this site. I remember last time I looked
at it there were just two profiles. Amazing how far it's come! I heard Mr. B retired for real. haha Congratulations to him. :)

If you want updates on me you can find me at or hit me up on AIM, it's still Thaliadoll after all these years.

I'm about to do something big for the first time in years, so I'm really excited, I'd love to hear from you all. :) Grats to everyone, sounds like there's been a lot of growing up happening all around me.

Last updated: 05/05

Lambert, Joe

Hey everybody! Big Joe here. Just wanted to fill you in on what I've been doing since I left Union HIgh. I am currently in my third year at OKlahoma State University(who just beat OU 16-13). I am majoring in Business Management with a Human Resource option(I hope to make lots of money with it someday). I still keep in contact with all my close friends from high School. It's tough to break up the Dawgpound, Thomas Collins(who also graduated in 99) and I are sharing an apartment. Ryan Terrill and Brannon Fuller( both of whom graduated in 99) have joined the Army. They have both gotten married within the past year. Well thats about all thats new around here. I hope that all of the other alumni are doing as well as myself and the rest of the dawgpound are. And always remember the goods times at Union High, Tulsa, Oklahoma; planet Earth; Milky Way galaxy; period; dot; exclamation point!

Last updated: 12/01

Le, Thong
Alto Sax

Well it has been a while. I am writing this from jail at the time i will be out in 5-10 years. Why I'm in here i don't know. They have me making license plates, but let me on here to play once in a while. If you guys want shoot me an email sometime. 

Last updated: 04/05

Metevelis-Garman, Stephanie
Clarinet, Bassoon, Drum Major

Not much has changed with me lately. I am still in PA school at OU, and I just started rotations. It's pretty fun but stressful at the same time. Graduation will be December 2006, so I am definitely looking forward to that. 

Ben is still working for Metro Builders Supply in sales. He is also taking night classes for his MBA at OU. He should be finished May 2007. We bought a house in Mustang back in May, and we now have two kittens also. They are so incredibly spoiled. Of course, I take full responsibility for that. Other than that nothing else new is going on. Email me if you'd like. 

Last updated: 11/05

Niemeyer-Moss , Julie

Life is wonderful! Children are the blessings in life. 

Last updated: 12/05

Rose, Michelle

HEY GUYS!!! It sounds like everyone's done a lot since we graduated almost 6 years ago (that's unreal)! I graduated from OU with a degree in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Spanish in May 2004. College was amazing, but unfortunately/fortunately you just have to move on. 

I now work for Sunoco (Official Racing Fuel of NASCAR ... come on, anyone?). I'm in a rotational Engineering program where you relocate every year to a new position for three years. I'm currently in Houston working at one of their chemical plants living with my sister and a friend from OU. I'm having a blast. Seven of my really good friends from OU moved to Houston (plus the sister) so it was a really easy transition from college to "big people" life - other than early mornings. 

I'm hoping to either stay in Houston or go to Philly to work at the Corporate Headquarters for my 2nd rotation (starting June 2005). We'll see what happens. 

Hope everyone's still doing as well as it sounded in your most recent updates. If any guard girls want to go with me, I'm going to a WGI regional in San Antonio (3/5/05) and possibly to Nationals (4/9/05). 

Take care and keep in touch! 


Last updated: 02/05

Rowin-Bennett, Andrea
Clarinet & Sax in Jazz

Well, I am happily married and living in Little Rock, Arkansas (yes home of the Clinton presidential library that looks like a mobile home on stilts!). I now have a little boy who was born on February 2, 2005. He is adorable! I am a stay at home mom and loving it! It's so cool to see how everyone is doing. Good luck to all of you who are still in school (Meghan Connor ;) ). Retain all of the knowledge you can... once you start having children your brain starts to whither away. ;) 

Last updated: 04/05

Steele, Travis
Bass Drum

Where to begin...After High school I did alot of Working at Paragon Films Inc. Where I have moved up the corporate ladder and am now a Senior opperator with over thirty people under me. I have also been going to OSU majoring in MIS, and Living with Joe Lambert and Thomas Collins the past year. For the past three years I have been dating Melissa Clark,(class of 2000)and having a blast! She is the best! On Christmas eve this year I proposed to which she said yes. The big day will be sometime in 2004 or 2005. (after college) We are both very happy and in love~ 

Last updated: 12/02

Terrill, William (Ryan)
Baritone & Trombone

Living in Norfork Arkansas, loving the fishing here! Married to my wife Sarah for 18 years. 3 kids Austin and Briana both 17 and Ethan 13.

Last updated: 11/19


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