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Alexander-Thralls, Abby

Can you believe it has been 10 years? It seems like just yesterday that we were standing at attention in the band
room listening to MrB yell “period, dot, exclamation point”. Now I am an engineer, mom, and wife. Ray and I are still in Chicagoland. Kathryn is getting more beautiful every day, sleeping through the night, talking (GAGA GOOGOO), and generally happy and healthy. Life is good!

You can learn more bout our recent family addition at:

Last updated: 06/05

Blankenship-Robbins Krystal
Current location: Kingsland, GA


I have been married for 11 years to a wonderful Navy man. I've moved 9 times in the last 13 years due to that fact but have gotten to see the eastern U.S. from Maine to Key West. I own a photography business and I am enjoying my hobby so much. We have a 8 year old son Ty who I love to watch grow up everyday. I am on Facebook if you would like to look me up.

Last updated: 03/12

Canterbury, Jason

If you don't remember me, it was because I was in the trenches playing 3rd part -- or face planted in the turf doing push ups. Yep, the good old days...

Since then, I skipped college, moved to Tampa, FL, and made a career in Telecommunications. I am employed by MCI (formerly WorldCom) leading a team in network optimization and cost reduction.

No marriage, no kids, just a cute girlfriend and a 20lb cat. Beaches, palm trees, and a superbowl title; life is sweet.

Last updated: 05/03

Chesser, Don

Well a lot has changed in 2 years since my last update. I now live in Delaware, OH. It's about 20 minutes north of Columbus. I work for Kroger at their Great Lakes Regional Distro Center. We provide the groceries at Kroger stores in Ohio and Michigan. Yeah it sucks but pays good. My daughter is now 6 years old......Man where does the time go? I work almost every day so have no real time to do anything so no significant other at this time but, I'm not worried about it either. Drop me a line sometime and let me know how you are doin.

Last updated: 07/08

Finch, Joshlyn


Since graduation Ive had numerous jobs. Got tired of working two jobs so I settled on moving back home with my biological mother, my second stepdad and my two half brothers age 11 and 16. Im currently working at a resteraunt in Tulsa called Fishdaddy's where I wait tables and do other numerous things in our store.

I've finished my first semseter at Rogers State in Claremore to work on an Associates degree in Applied technology where hopefully when I graduate I will work for MTV, VH1 or CMT where I will direct music videos. I'm currently still single and no children of my own. I lost my stepfather in 2001 in a car accident.

Hope things are going well with you guys and would love to hear from you soon!! I still keep in touch with Krystal Blankenship-Robbins and Jennifer Malone- Wilson. Jennifer and I live by each other!!! Good luck to all your endevors and hope to hear from you soon!

Last updated: 08/05

Freeman-Sitek, Gayle

Lou, Kristen and I still live in Texas. We just sold our house in Lewisville and bought a new, much bigger house in Corinth. Things have been going very well for us. I am still working at Integrity Media - going on 6 years. My husband, Lou, works for DHL Solutions as a Customer Relations Manager. Our daughter, Kristen will be 3 in June. She is growing up so fast. She keeps us laughing all the time with some of the crazy, off the wall things she says. It's scary how much she sounds just like her mommy!

I still keep in touch with Janelle Newman-Rodriguez. She lives not too far away from me. Our families have a great time together. Would love to hear from you all!

Last updated: 04/06

Finley, Kristin
Colorguard, Winter Guard

I still live in Tulsa, working at TTCU, and going to school to get my Elem. Ed. degree. I have a 6 month old little girl, Mikayla. I would enjoy hearing from any of my fellow mates of RR. Hope all is well with everyone, and I definately miss the good ole band days..take care and see class of 95 again soon.

Last updated: 10/02

Ford, Grant
Bass Drum, Snare

Well, I've had a very busy year. First, I graduated with my MBA in Finance from the University of Tampa. Second, Emily Gage and I were married on the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. Third, I recently started a new job with a company called CP Ships. If you are really interested, go to And fourth, Emily and I just moved into a brand new apartment. Things are going very well down here in Tampa. Hope everyone is well wherever they are.

2007 - Now living in Charlotte, NC

Last updated: 10/07

Gerald, Amy

After graduation, I went to The University of Tulsa and had a ball busting around with Amanda Dalton and Kim Williams Dionisio both were in my sorority.

I graduated in 99' and stuck around Tulsa for a year working. I got the itch to get out of town and moved to Dallas about 3 years ago. I'm living in downtown Dallas, having a pretty darn good time - it's a great place to live while you're young and single!

This past January I ran a marathon (who knew I could!) but don't let me fool you it was at a snail's pace. Honestly, I was just happy to finish! But now I can check that off my to do list for life.

I'd love to hear from some of you, it's been too long. :) I'm really happy to have kept in touch with Anne Lambert Zike and gotten to be good friends with Kim and Amanda over the years.

Last updated: 05/03 

Huff, Angie

Life for me has not changed much except that it's been 13 years since I was in Highschool. After highschool I went to TU and got my BS in Psychology. After that I worked at a few places and ended getting a gig in Human Resources. I now work at Saint Francis as a recruiter and loving every minute of my job! I have been with Steve, my boyfriend, for 6 years. It's a long time but my career comes first and he understands. Other than that, I enjoy life to the fullest.

Last updated: 07/08

Hughes, Peter
Pushups, Trombone

After graduation I attended SMSU for a year, marching band there was a joke-no competition. I have been in the automotive industry since 1996. In March of 2002 I married Christine Blaho, my high school sweetheart. We have two cats & a home in B.A. No kids yet, but they are in our future. Christine graduated from OU and has been teaching 1st grade at a school in downtown Tulsa ever since. I work for an automotive warranty company in Tulsa. I am also going back to college.

2007 - Wow! Where has the time gone? A lot has happened since my last posting. I had an accident while Mountain Biking that landed me in the E.R. and then the Hospital. It took most of the next year to mostly recover. Christine now works for Jenks Public Schools, still teaching 1st Grade. Our son, Xander, was born in 2005. He is amazing! We all took a short trip to Chicago this past June. We stayed with Adam Grimes and he guided us around the city before he led a rafting trip in Greece the next month! While in Chicago we visited Abby Thralls-Alexander, her husband Ray and daughter Katy. Xander & Katy got along great. Xander is now a year old. He is running around and learning new things everyday. We spend most of our time with him, he is our entertainment. I am continuing my education towards a Marketing degree. We are loving life, counting our blessings and planning to add to our family.

Last updated: 02/07

Iatridis-Hutchinson, Andrea

Graduated from University of Texas in Austin with my bachelors in Psychology. I live with my husband, daughter, and step-daughter in Broken Arrow. I am the Director of Iron Gate which is a soup kitchen and pantry program for the homeless located in Trinity Episcopal Church in downtown Tulsa.

Last updated: 03/05

Johnston, Shannon

I got married in 1998 to Ryan(Thompson) whom I was with my senior year. I now have 2 beautiful children Aryn(5) and Garrett(3). She is a very girlie girl, and he is a dinosaur freak!!!! I am a dental assistant and an office manager for a wonderful dentist in tulsa. Sad to, my dad passed away 1 year ago in June and two I just got divorced. So i guess back to the single life hmm.....

Last updated: 10/04

Klein, Kelly
Percussion, UDL, Drumset

I'm work in the Information System department for QuikTrip in Tulsa. Slowly working on finishing up a degree in MIS (I'm on the 10 year degree plan).

Last updated: 08/01

Koch, Todd

After undergard, and the Army, I worked for Toyota for a couple years and finally followed a call to ministry... As of 2009 I'm finishing my 3rd year of internship in St. Louis before finishing up school in Chicago. After that I have no idea where I'll end up! : ) Peace!

Last updated: 03/09 

Lambert-Zike, Anne

After Union graduation, I headed out to Norman to attend OU. I graduated in 1999 with a degree in Accouting, but I learned a whole lot more about myself and life than I did about accounting. I have been married to Aaron Zike since July of 1999 (we met our senior year at OU). I spent a few years out there in the "working world", but our lives changed in February of 2002 when our daughter Megan Elizabeth was born. Then our second little blessing, Nathan, arrived in April of 2004. I stay at home with our kids, and being a mommy is the most wonderful job in the world. I also work part time for my church as the Director of our children's ministry program for the elementary kids.

The four of us (and our little dog Ali) live here in Norman and love it! We are huge OU Football and Basketball fans. I don't get back to Tulsa often...just every once in a while to visit my mom and stepdad (my "baby" sister Susan just moved to Chicago). Haven't seen anyone in ages. Hope everyone is doing great!!!

Last updated: 10/04 

Long, Kevin
Drumline, Drum Major

My wife, Stacey Long, and I just moved back to Tulsa from Canada (where we met). I work in a veterinary clinic in South Tulsa, and we just purchased our first home in Broken Arrow. I graduated from veterinary school at OSU in 2002 and spent a year teaching at a veterinary school in Canada. We decided -40 degrees was just too cold, but of course my wife convinced me to get us some plane tickets to go back for Christmas, b/c you know Canada is a wonderful place to visit in the winter. We have 2 dogs and a huge cat, and are planning on have kids in the near future. We are having a wonderful time, and we both (mostly me) feel that there is no better place to live and raise a family then in Tulsa. She still thinks it's way too hot and the humidity does strange things with her hair (curly).

I have only one final confession: I have been spotted at a Union football game or two. Just had to see it for myself when someone told me the football team was almost as good as the band. But the band is still the best draw... Good luck and God Bless

Last updated: 10/03

Madden, Marla
Front Ensemble

After graduating from UHS my family and I headed up north way north to Minot, North Dakota. There I received my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. I then relocated to Kansas, City MO to pursue a teaching position. I currently work for the Kansas City, Kansas school district teaching urban children. I am working on getting my Master's in Curriculum Planning with an Early Childhood Emphasis. Since graduating I have continued my love for traveling I recently returned from my to trip traveling around Ireland and London. Hope everyone is well!

Last updated: 09/02

Newman-Rodriguez, Janelle

Life is good. I'm married to a wonderful man named Marc. I have a daughter named Caitlyn who is six and a son, Duncan that just turned a year old. We have been living in Dallas now for five years. I must admit that I did get a little homesick once and moved home for about six months. But then missed the big city and moved back to Dallas.

I work for a company called Panalpina Inc. We handle freight forwarding to and from all over the world. I work as a Customs Broker and clear imports for companies through US Customs. I have been working in this industry for about 10 years now and still love it.

I still keep in touch with Hayden Bray-Taber and Gayle Freeman-Sitek. Gayle and I live in the Dallas area together. We love to get together and talk about the old band days while our husbands make fun of us. But we are proud to say that we were in the Union High School Band. Send me a note sometime. I'd love to keep in touch.

Last updated: 11/05

Nguyen, Mai-Ly

It has been an interesting 6 years for me. After graduating from Union High School in 1995, I moved to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California. I graduated in 1999 with degrees in Broadcast Journalism (who would have figured?) and Biology. I am currently working as a researcher for A&E Biographies. Thus, for the past year and half, I have researched anyone from Robert Redford to Eddie Albert. I am currently researching Bios on native Tulsan Blake Edwards (director of the Pink Panther series, Breakfast at Tiffany's, 10, etc... and married to Julie Andrews) and David Bowie. I guess that's about it. Hope to hear from some fellow alumni. Living in Los Angeles for the past 6 or 7 years has made me appreciate my childhood and teenage years in Oklahoma.

Update 07/07 - I can't believe that it has been over 10 years since high school! Anyways, I am currently a researcher on "The Insider" hosted by Pat O'Brien and Lara Spencer. I have been working there for nearly 3 years. Prior to that I worked as an associate producer or researcher for A&E Biography, Discovery Health, and the History Channel's Modern Marvels.

I am currently finishing up my masters in telecommunications and film from Cal State LA and have lived and worked in LA since I graduated from high school. I haven't been back to Tulsa in years but still miss it. I would love to hear from old friends! Attached is a photo I took with Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys on our set.

Last updated: 07/07

Otto-Cathey, Gretchen
Flute & Piccolo


RC and I are still living in Stillwater. RC still works for Anheuser-Busch and I just took a new job and start in August. I will be working for a college related insurance company doing p.r. with colleges and universities that endorse our company. I am so excited because it is a nice pay hike from teaching and I am only going to be working 3 days a week.

In February we had another addition to our family. Big sister Cates(3-21-04) welcomed her new baby brother Tucker(2-8-06). The kids are great and keep us really busy. I'd love to hear from anyone.

Last updated: 08/06

Pisarra, Charles
Percussion, Jazz Vibes

Greetings everyone! It's been a very busy last few years, as I'm sure it has been for you, too! Christy (formerly "Fritz" RR c/o 97) and I have been married for 4 & 1/2 years, living in Tulsa for the last 3 & 1/2 years. We have a little chihuahua named Ella.

Christy stays very busy as an RN and Nurse Education Coordinator in the ICU of a local hospital. I have been working in several different venues in the Tulsa metro. For the last 2 years, I have served part-time on the pastoral staff of Hope Worship Center, a church here in town, overseeing areas of Choral Music and Children, and developing other ministries of the church.

I'm also completing my fourth year as Instructor of Music at Immanuel Christian Academy in Broken Arrow, teaching band for grades 4-8. I spent a great 2 & 1/2 years serving on adjunct staff as assistant percussion instructor with the Union Renegade Regiment, and have since moved on to teach with the Owasso High School Marching Band as an assistant percussion instructor.

The Pride of Owasso had a terrific 2005 season, earning a Finalist position at the Bands of America Grand Nationals in Indianapolis. Happy Holidays to all!

Last updated: 12/05

Pratt-Rowland, Jana
Snare, UDL

Married, living in San Francisco Bay Area in California, going to CU pursuing a Bachelors degree in Biology.

Last updated: 07/02

Risner, Joshua
Bass Drum & Jazz Band


Hello everyone. I graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2000 and worked for a wine and spirit wholeseller for about three years here in Tulsa. I soon learned that this type of work just wasn't for me and quit a few months ago to go to NSUBA full time and get my elementary education certificate. I know that it is kind of an odd career jump but I was interested in education back when I was in high school. I guess I just never had a drive to pursue it until now.

Since my last post I have become a married man. Me and Kelly Skrdle were married in April 2003. She is the pharmacy manager at Wall-Mart in BA. We are both very active with the South Tulsa Jaycees and we spend time outside whenever we can.

As you can see by the picture I still play drums regularly. I give lessons to a kid in my neighborhood and just play for fun when I have free time. I hope everyone from the class of 95 is doing well and would like to hear from you. Cheers!

Last updated: 05/04

Stevens-McCormick, Jamie
Tenor Sax/Jazz Ensemble

I am glad to see all of you doing so well! I graduated from Northeastern State University in 2000 with a BBA in Marketing/Accounting and Music Minor. I am an Account Representative for the WalMart team at JB Hunt Transport in Lowell, AR. I live in Fayetteville and Gretchen is still attatched at my hip even though she is a state away!! I have never found a closer friend still to this day! I was blessed with a little boy, Caden about two years ago! :) He loves music and sports already and he is destined to be a Hogs fan!!

Last updated: 03/03

Thompson, Megan
Mellophone, French Horn, Trumpet

It has been a crazy nine and a half years (I can't bring myself to say ten years just yet). After graduation...I went to NSU in Tahlequah for two years. I was in the band for the first semester, but quickly realized that it was a major let down after Union. After that, I was finaly able to escape from Tulsa. I moved to Myrtle Beach, SC to attend Coastal Carolina University. I started playing soccer and was on a killer flag football team; had to keep my athletic side going. I graduated in May 2000 with a B.S. in Marine Science. Yes, I actually got to get the degree I always talked about getting. After graduation, I spent a year working for the University in an Environmental Quality Lab doing water quality. When my grants ran out, I was left jobless. I had hoped to stick around the East Coast for a while longer, but some life altering events happened and I wound up back in Tulsa. Back in Tulsa, I started working for Union as a computer tech at Jarman. I was surprised to learn that an aquarium was being built in Jenks, so I applied. I started out as an aquarist and lab tech, but that also turned into plumber, concrete worker, and any other construction adventure they could throw at me. I spent two and a half years at the aquarium, eventually earning a title (no raise though)as the lead of water quality. I got to spend a lot of time diving in the Carribean exhibit as well as with the bull and lemon sharks in the shark exhibit. I have just recently moved to Mesquite, TX, just outside of Dallas. I am now a microbiology specialist working with nitrifying bacteria. Not quite saving the whales, but I am still involved with the aquarium industry. And on the brighter side, I will soon get to travel over seas on some one else's dime!! I am in Tulsa atleast once a month (more if it is football season; GO POKES!!!). So, anyone that is there give me a holler and we can catch up.

In other news...My brother Matt (RR class of '93), yes he was my brother, is living in Houston and is now married, no kids yet (just a Jack Russel named Lucky). My sister Monica and her husband are living here in Texas, about a 10 minute drive from me. I now also have an adorable nephew, Duwayne, who is almost three. I have been dating a great guy named Brian for about 10 months now. We will see how the distance thing works out. So, for now it is just me and my mini-daschund Pookie. My parents (and pseudo parents to many) actually left Tulsa!!! Less than a year after my return to Tulsa, my dad got a job offer he couldn't refuse, and they moved to Houston. The "grocery getter" was finally retired for a '99 Mustang (big upgrade for my mom). And my dad's sad little car was just recently retired for a '04 Mustang. Last but not least, the saddest news of all: after ten years of blood, sweat, and countless dollars, my pride and joy '66 Mustang is no more. She was stolen from outside my apartment in Tulsa in June of 2003. I had finally managed to get it restored shortly before I left for school in SC. And yes, it made the journey to SC many times for school.

I know there are a lot of RR alum living in the Dallas area, and I would enjoy catching up with you. So, drop me a line, and let me know what you have been up to. Hope all is well, and everyone is enjoying life.

Last updated: 01/05

Webster-Haley, Amy
Color Guard

I married Ryan Haley, April 1997. We are currently in Arkansas. We have 2 Fantastic Dogs Shelby (5 years and a Chocolate Lab) and Peyton
( 10 month Bassett). Ryan and I graduated from NSU in May 2004.

Last updated: 10/07

Wiginton, Richard
Alto Sax 


After college I taught fifth grade for six years in Dallas.  I changed careers in 2005 and I now work in St. Louis as a police officer.  I am married and have three kids.

Last updated: 04/09

Wilson, Jobey
Tuba & Bass T-Bone (Jazz)

What a blast from the past! Well, after finishing my BM at OU in 1999, I moved to Boston, MA where I completed my MM at the New England Conservatory of Music. I perform with numerous orchestras in the Boston area, am the Professor of Tuba & Euphonium at Boston College, and also tour with my brass quintet ( We will be competing in France (twice) and Japan in the next few months. Boston absolutely rocks...GO SOX! I performed at a majority of the Red Sox home games this summer at Fenway Park with the Hot Tamale Brass Band, including a couple of the playoff games vs. the Yankees (the evil empire). A good friend of mine actually called me from LA after seeing my ugly mug on ESPN once this summer! Fun, fun time! Wow, I can't believe our 10 year reunion is coming up...unfortunately, I will not be able to attend...I will be teaching at the Tanglewood Music Center this summer in Lenox, Massachusetts; the summer home of the Boston Symphony. You all may recall that I grew up in BA & transferred to Union in 1993, so I'm actually going to try to come back for that reunion in mid-June. I would love to get back in touch with everyone...I've been pretty bad about that since moving to the frozen tundra of New England...damn, it's REALLY cold out! Mike Verma & Charles Estes have come up a few times. Mike was actually just up here again a couple months you can imagine, we had a fairly descent time...(he,he,he) Yea, I haven't changed much! Best of luck to everyone!

Last updated: 01/05




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