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  • RR named 2019 Grand National Finalist

    November 18, 2019 

    The Union H.S. Renegade Regiment was recently named a 2019 Grand National Championships Finalist. Performing and advancing in three rounds of competition at the Bands of America Grand National Championships, the Renegade Regiment presented its 2019 program entitled “The Orchestra’s Guide to the Young Person”. The preliminary round of competition was held on Thursday and Friday Nov 14-15 in Indianapolis, including 91 bands. 38 of these 91 advanced to the Semifinals on Saturday morning Nov 16, and the top 12 bands advanced to the Finals, held Saturday evening. Union placed 11th in the finals after competing in a formidable field of accomplished bands, including 6 from Texas, 3 from Indiana, 1 from Ohio, and 1 from California. Competing at the national-level during the past four decades of its history, the Renegade Regiment has racked up twelve finalist appearances, with five of the twelve being awarded in just the last 10 years. Led by a slate of Union teachers as well as by Class of 2020 Senior & chief drum major Saylor Hampton,  the 220-member ensemble has rehearsed daily for the last 16 weeks, including early mornings at late evenings every day of the week, in preparation for the chance to make history yet again by advancing to the prestigious final round.

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