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"Hale" Rampey, Narissa - 1973
Flute, Piccolo

I live in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and own a heating and air conditioning business called "Air Assurance Company" I have two married children and I'm active on the Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce, South Tulsa Executive Group, Tulsa Workforce Investiment Board, B.A. School Foundation, Partners In Education, Governor Brad Henry's Council for Workforce and Economic Development,Foundation Golf Tourney Chairperson 04, Chamber of Commerce Workforce Chair. My husband Mike and I have been married since 1974. You can reach me at (918) 258-2665 or

Last updated: 07/04

Long, David - 1973
Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Drum Major

Married to the girls varsity basketball coach in Broken Arrow. Have two boys, 12 and 9. The oldest is now playing the saxophone. Guess he will be in the Pride of Broken Arrow. Sorry!

Last updated: 10/02

Cartwright, Robert - 1974
Snare Drum, Bass, Triangle in Concert Band (We only had three drummers and only two of us had rhythm! No joke!)

I work for International at the Tulsa Bus Plant building school buses. I am married with three kids. Brian is almost 15, Brent is 13 and Heather is 12. My wife's name is Patricia.

Raising my two sons, Brian 18 and Brent 16. Just the guys for now. Still play the drums, mostly to wake my boys up. Building school buses in Tulsa. If you see Imhoff tell him he still owes me a dollar.

Last updated: 08/06

Zimmerman, Charles - 1978

Quickly gave up music after one semester at OU, and went into Engineering. Am now VP of Prototype and New Format Development with Wal-Mart.

Last updated: 05/06

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