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BOK Volunteer Expectations

Your appearance is of great importance to the overall experience of the customer. We want everyone to look clean and tidy. We also want all our workers to look uniform across our building. Uniforms are as follows: White, clean, polo shirt. Black dress pants. Tennis Shoes. Absolutely no T-Shirts, Jeans, Leggings, Open Toed Shoes. Hair longer that collar bone length should be pulled back. No excessive jewelry.

1. Beginning May 4th 2019, anyone found to be out of uniform will be asked to leave the event and your group will be charged for their absence.

2. Timeliness is also another important part of our business. A majority of our events require you to arrive 1.5 hours before the doors for the event open. We ask this so that you all are prepared for the event and have plenty of time to do inventory and prep food and your stand for the event. Please arrive at the scheduled time for each event.

3. Personal belongings must be kept either in your car, or in the locker room located on the event level. Lockers are free to use for all workers at the BOK Center, you must only provide your own lock. Please remember to remove the contents of any locker you use at the end of every event.

4. Cups used inside the concession stand must be health department approved. Cups must have a lid and a handle. They CANNOT have a straw. Bottles, Pepsi cups & pour only cups are not permitted to be stored anywhere in your stand while working. This is a health code violation.

5. Please remember to never use your cell phones in guest space or in the front of your stand or portable. If you must take a call or send a text, please go to the back of your stand.

6. Your group is responsible for the stand or portable you are working from the start to finish of an event. Your stand must be cleaned thoroughly after each event. We will provide you with a cleaning list that must be completed before your group can check out after each event. Please take this seriously as the stands have not been cleaned properly in recent months and we would greatly appreciate everyone’s extra effort in keeping them clean before, during and especially after each event.

7.  Participation in any fundraising event is done at your own risk.  Union Band Parents Club, Inc. is not liable for any injury or illness of any kind that you may incur as a result of working any volunteer fundraising or non-fundraising events.  Families must choose for themselves whether or not they feel safe to work any fundraising or non-fundraising event opportunity.  Masks are required while volunteering at any opportunity offered by Drillers/ONEOK Field, Tuttle Concessions, or any Offsite Vendor Location.  You are responsible to bring your own mask along with any other required uniform items as noted in the event details.

For a copy of the complete BOK Center Volunteer Handbook use the link below:

BOK Volunteer Handbook

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