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The Union Bands program is comprised of some wonderful students, terrific directors and a whole slew of parents that support and serve our children and directors.

It's an incredible opportunity to watch these students grow in musicianship, character, maturity and as performers. It also takes an incredible number of parents and service hours to make it all happen!

Our band is graduating a large senior class this year and with that exits a large "class" of amazing senior parents who have been serving these students for 4 years on the Board which opens up some fun opportunities for all of YOU!!!

There are board positions to fit every skill, hours and passion!!! Do you love to sew? Are you a corporate professional with the ability to speak in front of people? Do you love to lead? Are you good with money? Do you love food? Do you love project management or logistics? Are you passionate about helping people? What about helping kids?

Whatever your passion or skill set, we can match you up with a place to make a difference for our kids!!!!

YOU CAN BE A: Treasurer, Concessions Director, Offsite Coordinator, Hospitality Director, Chief Financial Officer, Special Events Coordinator, Fundraising Director, Uniform Director, Property Manager and many more!

To find out more about an opportunity or apply for a position, secretary@unionbands.com.

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