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Every person who works is required to have a Signup Genius account to sign up for Driller work slots. All notifications for when a signup goes live will be send via REMIND (see Notifications section).

BEFORE you sign up, please get out your calendar . By signing up for a game, you are committing to be there and to work where you are most needed as determined by our coordinators.

Two weeks before the game, you will get a confirmation email asking you if you need to update your signup for any reason. At this point, you are making a final commitment to work the game! (Have you ACTUALLY checked your calendar? Is the game ON your calendar? If so, it's now the priority in your life for that day !) After this point, you may not cancel without penalty. Cancellations will be met with consequences as outlined in our Drillers Work Policy at

One week before the game, the numbers are finalized by Drillers and you will receive a confirmation email and receive your assigned work spot.

On occasion, we will have more people signed up to work than we need. We are working with Drillers to get everyone a work slot, but please know that even if you are not assigned a position the week before, you must remain ON CALL and immediately available should there be a cancellation. Failure to do so will result in removal  from future events.

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