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Fall Guard

2018 Color Guard Summer Rehearsal Schedule

Mon-Fri, July 16-20  9a-12p + 1-4p
Mon-Thurs, July 30-Aug 2  8a-12p + 1:30-5:30p
Mon-Thurs, Aug 6-Aug 9  7a-11a + 12:30-4:30p
Mon-Thurs, Aug 13-Aug 16  7a-11a + 12:30-4:30p
DEBUT PERFORMANCE  Tues, Aug 14, 6:00p
Non-mandatory subsectionals may occur as scheduled at times other than listed above.

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2018 Union H.S. Color Guard Roster*
Almon, Jessica
Ames, Abigail
Austin, Alexis
Brunner, Ryane
Burnett, Grace
Campbell, Kyley
Campbell, Taylor
Chavez, Sophia
Clute, Kaitlyn
Cordray, Kaitlyn
Coshatt, Hallie
Crysler, Taylor
De'Arman, Alison
DeRoin, Kallen
Dickerson, ShaRhonda
Do, Madeline
Donaldson, Rian
Duncan, Mahala
Dunson, Claudia
Fisher, Ashley
Gaytan, Samantha
Gist, Trinitee
Goudeau, Serenity
Greeno, Savannah
Hall, Eliana
Hall, Olivia
Henderson, Katelin
Hernandez, Briana
Hill, Jamyria
Hughes, Jo
Johnson, Raya
Johnson, TJ
Jones, Jacquelyn
Kannon, Amelia
Kissinger, Abigail
Lee, Rachel
Logan, Talajae
Lopez, Hector
Martinez, Paulina
Matheny, Kara
McMahon, Trinity
Medina, Ana
Motley, Emma
Mysse, Adrianna
O'Brien, Melinda
Parker, Katrina
Playford, Emma
Rodrequez, Rachel
Serna, Emerald
Shumate, Sierra
Stout, Yzabellah
Tarango Pacheco, Ilse
Vasicek, Anna
Wetherbee, Anna
Wetherbee, Ella
* Membership is not finalized until completion and submssion of all paperwork.

No performing position is guaranteed. All positions will be evaluated throughout the summer based on attendance, academic eligibility, work ethic, wellness, and student account maintenance. All students will work to earn a performing position over the months of May-August. Prior  band camp in August, all members will be placed as a performing member, or as an alternate. Alternates will be in portions of the show, but not the entire program. At any time an alternate may earn a full performing spot, as well as at any time a performing member can be moved to an alternate spot for the above stated reasons. 

IMPORTANT for Members & Parents to note: In the fall guard season, when the term "band" is used in published information, it means (includes) the color guard. 

Chelsea Arenas
Guard Director


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