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The CHARMS System is our organizational management software. 

Log In to the CHARMS System

School Code: UnionBands

The default account password is the 5- or 6-digit Union Public Schools Student ID# 

Instrucciones en Espanol

•We recommend changing the student account password upon logging in BUT strongly encourage that everyone who might be accessing the account (student, parent, step parent, etc) be made aware of the password change.
•Only one password per student account can exist.
•Account passwords can be reset by a director only, and not without the specific request of the student or an adult already listed on the account. 

Linked Sibling Accounts 
If sibling CHARMS accounts are linked, the password of the root account will override the password of the linked account. Be sure to note this login rule if you have more than one Union Bands student and have chosen to link accounts in the 'Multiple Students' functionality.

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