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This fundraiser is over for 2017 and is expected to return in August 2018.


Delivering phone books is a quick and easy way to put some money into your student's account!  For each book properly delivered, you will be paid $0.23.  Routes can be checked out anytime fundraising is available or from the trailer.  The trailer is located on the far west side of parking lot from the UMAC.   

This fundraiser will run through the month of August so there is plenty of time to work on this FUNdraiser.  There is no selling involved!!!  Each book must be bagged and then delivered to the front porch of each address on the route.  Easy!!!


Please make sure you are signed up on our Remind 

@ubpc-fundr  to 81010

   If you are interested in participating in this fundraiser please UBPC Fundraising at fundraisingaccounts@unionbands.com for more information. 

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