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Student Leadership

2020-21 Union H.S. Band Student Leadership Team
Thank you to all students rolex replica whom applied to serve on the student leadership team. We were pleased to have had a large number of high-quality candidates in the running for this year's team, and the staff's decision on whom to appoint was very difficult. 

Drum Majors
Kyler Crissinger - Assistant
Emily Nguyen - Associate
Emma Plunkett - Lead
Destiny Reyes - Assistant
Micah Sorrels - Assistant

Color Guard
Madeline Do
Eliana Hall
Nina Hoang
Melinda O'Brien

Woodwinds Sergeants 
Annelise Huynh - Associate
Xavier Williams - Lead

Anna Hemm - Assistant
Abhi Narayanan - Lead

Cadence Garcia - Lead
Mikayla Wallace - Associate
Jennifer Jang - Assistant

Bass Clarinet
Hannah Fuller - Assistant
Jaydah James - Lead

Lloyd Kibuka - Lead
Dylan Sneed - Assistant
Evan Xiao - Associate

Brass Sergeants
Jackson Yeats - Lead
Shaun Riggins - Associate

Hayden Chilcoat - Assistant
Jackson Yeats - Lead

TJ Knight - Assistant
Sierra Weiss- Lead

Noah Burnett - Lead
Kali Christopher - Assistant

Jake Kelley - Lead
Joshua Villio - Assistant

Battery Percussion
Nicholas Bremer - Assistant
Ethan Sorrels - Lead

Front Ensemble Percussion
Evan Grim - Lead
Vanshika Patel - Assistant

Executive Student Leadership Team
Melinda O'Brien
Emma Plunkett
Ethan Sorrels
Xavier Williams
Jackson Yeats

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