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RR 2019 Season Schedule

All rehearsals and performances are mandatory for RR participating students. 
For RR Summer rehearsal schedule, click here

Rehearsals and Events
Thursday, August 22  4-8pm  Rehearsal
Thursday, August 29  4-8pm  Rehearsal
Friday, August 30  All day Lake Ridge Football Game (Away)  
Thursday, September 5  4-8pm  Rehearsal
Friday, September 6  3:45-10pm  Broken Arrow Football Game (Home)
Saturday, September 7  9am-1pm  Rehearsal
Thursday, September 12  4-8pm  Rehearsal
Friday, September 13  3:45-10pm  Jenks Football Game (Home)
Thursday, September 19  4-8pm  Rehearsal
Friday, September 20  4pm-10pm  Rehearsal
Saturday, September 21  9am-1pm  Rehearsal
Thursday, September 26  4-8pm  Rehearsal
Friday, September 27 3:45-11pm  Owasso Football Game (Away)
Saturday, September 28 Owasso Invitational (all day: rehearsal, prelims, finals)
Tuesday, October 1  4-8pm  Rehearsal
Friday, October 4  3:45-10pm  Mustang Football Game (Home - Homecoming)
Saturday, October 5  9am-1pm  Rehearsal
Thursday, October 10  4-8pm  Rehearsal
Friday, October 11  3:45-12am  PC North Football Game (Away - Pep Band 'A')
Saturday, October 12 Host Renegade Review Event (all day: volunteer at event, rehearsal, perform, clean campus)
Wednesday, October 16  9am-1pm  Rehearsal
Thursday, October 17  9am-1pm RehearsalNorman North Football Game
Fri-Sat-Sun, October 18-20 BOA St. Louis Super Regional Championship (all weekend travel)
Thursday, October 24  4-8pm  Rehearsal
Friday, October 25  3:45-10pm  Norman North Football Game (Home - Senior Night)
Thursday, October 31  3:45-12am  Southmoore Football Game (Away - Pep Band 'B')
Friday, November 1  4-8pm  Rehearsal
Saturday, November 2 OBA State Competition (all day: rehearsal, prelims, finals)
Tuesday, November 5  8am-6pm  Rehearsal at Expo Center
Thursday, November 7  4-8pm  Rehearsal
Friday, November 8  3:45-12am  Edmond North Football Game (Away - Pep Band 'C')
Monday, November 11 4-9pm Rehearsal + Send-Off Performance + Load
Wed-Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun, November 13-17 BOA Grand National Championships 

Daily morning rehearsals:
Monday-Thursday 6:30-8am
Friday 7-8:30am 

Additionally, each section of the Renegade Regiment holds weekly sectional rehearsals, which are generally scheduled as follows: 
Guard  Mondays, 4:30-7pm
Percussion  Mondays, 4-6pm
Brass & Woodwinds  Tuesdays, 4-6pm 

RR Football Game performances
Friday, August 30 Away Game v. Lake Ridge TX - All day
Friday, September 6 Home Game v. BA - 3:45-10pm
Friday, September 13  Home Game v. Jenks - 3:45-10pm 
Friday, September 27  Away Game v. Owasso - 3:30-11:30pm 
Friday, October 4  Home Game v. Mustang (Homecoming) - 3:30-11pm 
Friday, October 25  Home Game v. Norman North (Senior Night) - 3:30-11pm

Pep Band Away Games (RR field performance will NOT take place at these games)
Every RR instrumentalist student will be assigned to one of the following Pep Band away games:
Friday, October 11 @ PC North (Pep Band 'A') - 3:30pm-12:30am
Thursday, October 31 @ Southmoore (Pep Band 'B') - 3:30pm-12:30am
Friday, November 8 @ Edmond North (Pep Band 'C') - 3:30pm-12:30am (either 10am - 6pm OR 5pm - 12am)

Guard Special Rehearsals
Friday, October 11  4-7pm
Friday, October 31  4-7pm 
Friday, November 8  4-7pm

Required Post Regular Season Football Games
Friday, November 22 (3:30pm-12:30am) - OR - Saturday, November 23 (either 10am - 6pm OR 5pm - 12am) @ Location TBA (OSSAA Semifinals)
Friday, December 6 (3:30pm - 12:30am) - OR - Saturday, December 7 (either 10am - 6pm OR 5pm - 12am) @ Location TBA (OSSAA State Championship)

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