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NBDA 10-11-12th Gr Clinic

10th11th, & 12th Graders who auditioned into the NBDA All-District Honor Band will participate in a clinic & concert led by distinguished clinician conductors and featuring elevated repertoire. Selected students are excpected to fully prepare the clinic repertoire prior to the clinic rehearsals. 

Clinic Location and Schedule
Bartlesville High School 
Friday, January 11, 2019
Depart Union H.S. via bus
11:00am Lunch (on-your-own) near Bartlesville mall
11:45am Depart from lunch for Bartlesville H.S. 
12:00pm Clinic registration and seating 
12:30pm Rehearsal
2:30pm Break
3:00pm Rehearsal
5:00pm Dinner break. Boxed dinner served; $9 will be automatically billed to each student's CHARMS account for this meal unless student indicates he/she has different meal arrangements. Students may NOT explore Bartlesville H.S. during this time. 
6:30pm Rehearsal
8:30pm Dismissal, load buses.
10:00pm Arrive at Union H.S.
-Lunch $
-music folder
-accessories: mute, extra reeds, instrument stand
-percussion: any instrument that's not on wheels. Sticks, mallets. 
-comfortable but within school dress code and that which represents Union well

Saturday, January 12, 2019
7:15am UHS Band Area open
7:30am Depart Union H.S. via bus
9:00am Rehearsal
11:30am Lunch (bus transportation to mall area)  
12:30pm Depart lunch to Bartlesville H.S.
1:00pm Rehearsal
2:00pm Dress for performance (wear Union Concert Attire or concert-black for ladies)
2:30pm Warm Up
3:00pm Honor concerts in Bartlesville H.S. Performing Arts Center. Free admission for spectators. 
5:00pm (approx) Bus departure for Union H.S. for those students who aren't riding home with family 
6:00pm (approx) Bus arrives at Union H.S. 
-Lunch $
-folding music stand
-music folder
-(REHEARSAL) comfortable but within school dress code and that which represents Union well
-(PERFORMANCE) Concert Attire, including black shoes/socks. 

- Parents: we strongly encourage you to join us at 3pm on Saturday in Bartlesville for the performance. 
- Special thanks to our clinic/concert hosts at Bartlesville Public Schools.
- In the event of inclement weather, it's highly unlikely that the clinic and/or concert will be rescheduled.
- Students are not allowed to explore the Bartlesville H.S. campus beyond the portion of the buiding where clinic rehearsals are held. 



1. Absence from a full morning, afternoon, or evening rehearsal session will result in the automatic termination of the participant.
2. The band chairman will deal with any absence or substantial tardiness after consultation with the clinician and the student’s band director. The chairman’s decision will be final. 
3. The band chairman will also have the authority and responsibility to lower chair positions and/or remove the student from the band if his/her conduct in any way become a problem. The chairman is expected to support the clinician in matters concerning conduct. 
4. If a student is not able to attend the clinic or concert, please have your director contact the district president so an alternate can be contacted. In addition, please send your folder with your director to the clinic for the other players to use.

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