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High School Concert Band Uniform/Formal Attire


2018 High School Concert Uniform Return

Date: Monday, May 14, 2018
Time: Immediately following the Wind Ensemble performance.
Where: Band Room 1
Who: All high school band students with a school-owned concert uniform
What to bring?
Everyone: garment bag, concert uniform, black shoes, socks as appropriate, and a change of clothes to wear home
> Ladies should have a top, palazzo pants, and garment bag
> Gentlemen should have a tux jacket, tux pant, bow tie, cummerbund, and garment bag

Adult volunteers needed to help, Click Here to Sign Up.

What do we wear for concert band?

> Male students will be provided with a concert tuxedo consisting of notched lapel jacket, basic tuxedo pants, bow tie, and cummerbund.
> Female students will be provided with a concert sparkle top and concert palazzo pants.
> All students will receive a garment bag for storage. If any item is not turned in at the end of the season a hold may be put on the student's schedule/grades.

Do I have to pay for the concert attire?

> The district provides the items listed above.
> Parents/students will need to provide black dress shoes.
> Parents/students will need to provide a white tuxedo shirt and black socks for students who wear the tux jacket and pants.

When are fittings?

Please see fitting information posted at http://www.unionbands.com/fittings/. Students who missed scheduled fittings or join the high school band program mid-year should email uniforms@unionbands.com and ask to schedule a fitting time.

Where can I buy a tuxedo shirt?

A white tuxedo shirt with wing collar can be purchased at Hobby Lobby, J C Penney, or Al’s Formal Wear. Other choices may be available also. Money-saving hint (not intended as an endorsement for Hobby Lobby): Hobby Lobby typically has a 40% off coupon on their website that can be printed and used www.hobbylobby.com.

Do I wear the cummerbund pleats up or pleats down?

Down, please.

Do I wash the concert attire?

Tuxedos are dry cleaned only. UBPC will clean them prior to use for the season. The white tux shirt and black socks should be washed according to the instructions on the garment. If the tux needs to be cleaned during the season please take it to a reputable cleaner.

The ladies concert tops and bottoms are laundered prior to fittings and can be laundered at home. Please turn the top inside out and then place the top in a garment bag and wash in cold water, cool temperature in the dryer and hang immediately.

What do I do if I’m missing a button on my tux jacket?

> Stop by the uniform room anytime the window is open & ask for a button to take home & sew on.
> Email the UBPC Uniform Directors at uniforms@unionbands.com to request a button.
> Last resort: the uniform room window will also be open 30 minutes prior to call time for concert band concert events to pass out buttons with needle & thread.

What if my hem of pants are too long or short?

If you or someone in your home/family is able to sew a simple hem, then please follow these simple guidelines:
> Please do not use a sewing machine! Only tack-stitch the hem so it can be easily removed without the open stitches showing.
> No adhesive products. You may use safety pins as a no-sew option (2-4 pins per leg for tux pants; 6-8 pins per legs for palazzo pants).

If you do not know someone who can fix the hem for you, email the UBPC Uniform Directors at uniforms@unionbands.com to explain your problem and request help.

What if I need a different size?

Please email uniforms@unionbands.com to let the UBPC Uniform Directors know you need to switch sizes and schedule a time to refit. Keep in mind that we have limited sizes in stock so to ensure you have a proper fitting garment for the next concert, contact us 3-4 weeks before a performance in case we need to order a new garment.

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