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10 for 20

The 10 for 20 Program was first launched in the summer of 2009, and is particularly appealing because of its 100% profit to the student account, and also because students truly don't have to limit themselves to recruiting just 10 donors - the sky is the limit!  

Success Tips:

The basic idea is for a student to ask for a $20 donation from 10 people.  This will put $200 into your student's account.  Here is some general information and ideas for goal setting:

  • 100% profit into your student's account
  • Students and Parents should read the brochure and become familiar with the advantages of participating in Union's band program.
  • Help your student make a list of 10 people they can approach.  Grandparents, neighbors, coworkers of parents are just a few that you can ask.
  • Friends and family that are out-of-town can easily donate on-line or mail in donation with the completed brochure.
  • Donations can be made on-line at our website or by mail with a check made payable to UBPC (include self-addressed stamped envelope to UBPC in order to assist the donor)
  •  Amounts lesser than $20 will also be gladly accepted...any donation is better than no donation!
  • Please help your child be enthusiastic when telling people about Union's band program and all the wonderful advantages of being a part of this great program!!!!  AND, the student doesn't need to stop with 10 people!!  They can contact 20, 30, 40, or more people and ask for donations!!  If a student approached 50 people and received $20 donations, that would put $1,000 into their band account!!!  Why not help your student set a goal?  How many people can they contact each month?  You do the math: the sky's the limit!


Download Color Brochures to print your own copies for distribution or copy and paste the images below to share via email or social media!

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